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DealSpot promotes the best places to dine, shop, see and relax from across the Philippines at discounted prices which can be shared with friends and family. DealSpot Philippines offers discounts between 50%-90% on products, services, activities, travel packages, etc.

“DealSpot Philippines thrives to be the oasis of the latest and trendiest bargains from premier restaurants, spas, hotels in the Philippines. By capitalizing collective buying power, it promises to make buying pleasurable not only for you but for your wallet as well.” – Deal Spot website

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sammie santos
DealSPOT 10.0

By far one of the best site i have experienced with no trouble at all, its easy to spot what i'm looking for. keep up the good work. every single week have new items to choose from, cant wait for the version 2 to come out

  • fast communication and delivery
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Posted on March 31, 2014 2:19 pm

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