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Zalora Philippines is probably one of the most popular online shopping websites here in the country. It offers a lot of promos such as free shipping and incentives to encourage everyone to try shopping online. Zalora has one of the widest selection of fashion items and brands.

Zalora accepts several payment methods: Cash on Delivery, Over the counter payments, Credit Cards: Visa & Mastercard, Paypal, Internet Banking: (All Philippine Banks are supported)

Many reviews and complaints are already posted online regarding regarding this company. Have you tried shopping at Zalora? How was your online shopping experience? Did you encounter any problem or should you commend Zalora because you had a great time shopping online? Share your own review here.


More about Zalora

Zalora Phlippines is “your one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. Bringing you an insight on global trends, we feature your favourite international designers and the most relevant Filipino brands. We are constantly tracking the latest fashion trends to make sure we offer you the most exciting products available. Our fashion tips and advice will allow you to shop with more confidence.” – from Zalora website

Product Categories

For Women: Flats, Tops, Dresses, Sports, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories. For Men: Sneakers, T-shirts, Watches, Sports, Shoes, Clothing and Accessories.


Banana Peel, Billabong, Blued, Chuck, Crimson, Effegi, Figliarina, Get Laud, Grendha, Hang Ten, I Love Koi, Ipanema, Kickers, Kipling, Levi’s, Palladium, Plains & Prints, Pois, Saucony, Suki, The Bachelor’s Pad, Typify, Walker Underwear

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Product Selection ( 6.9 )
Website Features ( 6.8 )
Customer Service ( 6.3 )
Payment and Delivery ( 7 )


Zalora Philippines 10.0

I've already purchased a couple of products from ZALORA and I was never disappointed with my purchases. Their products are of great quality. Their website is user-friendly too so it's really easy to navigate. They also offer a lot of discounts through coupon codes. Use ZBAP0PZ to get 15% discount if you are a first time customer :)

  • Fast delivery
  • Vast selection of products
  • Great customer service
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Posted on September 6, 2014 6:31 pm
Zalora Philippines 8.5

Ordered a bracelet to try and see if this website actually worked. Chose the COD payment option. I'm not in Manila so the delivery took about 5 days. Well I got my bracelet and it's in fine condition. They made a pretty good first impression to me.

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Posted on October 16, 2014 8:25 am
Precylou Marie Burburan
Zalora Philippines 5.0

I also share the same experience. You don't have to go any further with zalora, since you can simply scroll and look for the items you wanna purchase online. The good thing is it offers a lot of well-renowned brands both local and international brands. Plus the shipping is fast. I was residing in Mindanao and it only took a maximum of 3 days for my orders to be delivered. How amazing is that! For first time customers do enjoy the same shopping experiece and use the code ZBAPQAQQ to get 15% discount. Have fun shopping guys!

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Posted on December 4, 2014 7:07 pm
Zalora Philippines 8.8

Finally found the best online shopping place in town.,This time, I had my third set of orders for I enjoyed much shopping with them..Not just enjoyable but very convenient as well...The items are authentic and worth it with its price..Nwei, I got a promo code here jusy in case others would like to go shop with Zalora... just enter the code ZBAPZAYS when you check out...there is a box where you can enter the code to enjoy the 15%,,,ENJOY SHOPPING EVERYONE..

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Posted on December 7, 2014 9:57 am
Zalora Philippines 10.0

I ordered in and all my orders went smoothly. zalora never disappoint me in term of everything. I always use COD as mode of payment because i dont have credit card and i think this is the safe way of shopping online. I always use promo code everytime I order for me to save money. Try this promo code: ZBAB1Sc upon checkout to get additional 15% off on sale items storewide for first time customers only.

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Posted on December 8, 2014 10:39 am
Mia Zhang
Zalora Philippines 9.8

I absolutely LOVE shopping at Zalora, especially when I couldn't go out and shop my clothes in personal. The site is friendly to non-techie people and it's easy to navigate even when you're a first time customer. It offers lots of promos and coupon codes that makes online shopping MUCH more enjoyable and more worth your money. This is my fifth time shopping at Zalora and let me just say that their clothes don't disappoint! The sizes are on-point, which is pretty rare when an online shop sells 'em. Their deliveries are fast and efficient, and it only takes 2 days maximum for our orders to arrive at home. (I live in Metro Manila.) I chose cash on delivery because I don't really trust any online stores that uses credit cards or paypal, and that COD is probably the safest choice when shopping online.

tl;dr, Zalora is a trustworthy shop. Try it sometime! :)

  • Fast deliveries
  • Quality clothes
  • Non-techie friendly website
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Posted on December 19, 2014 9:39 am
Zalora Philippines 5.0

Zalora has a friendly design, which is easy for the customers to find what they want. Also the prices are the same or lesser compare to the retail stores. They also have codes for discounts. I have tried this code ZBAP994I and got 15% discount. Enjoy shopping :)

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Posted on January 10, 2015 9:42 am
Zalora Philippines 10.0

Im from cagayan de oro, and it only took 3 days to get my item. That was the best online shopping I've had!

  • 100000000
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Posted on February 6, 2015 5:50 pm
Anne Trinidad
Zalora Philippines 5.3

I've been a regular customer of Zalora since a few years ago. Having ordered more than 50 times from them already, most times I'm satisfied. Unfortunately, when they opened their Marketplace, this is where other merchants sell their products, I've had so many bad experiences with them. Very long delivery time, wrong item received and items that are in stock in the website, but are actually out of stock.

What's even more frustrating is the long waiting time for the update. In my case I experienced ordering items twice already, then after so many follow ups thru email and phone, they tell me the item is already out of stock. The last one, after waiting for more than a month.

Nevertheless, my bad experiences were again with their Marketplace items / merchants. But as I said, for years already, I'm fairly satisfied with their service.

  • Very wide variety of products
  • Fast delivery for exclusive brands
  • Discounts
  • Marketplace items stock issues / not accurate
  • Very long waiting time for reply on follow ups
  • Poor screening with Marketplace merchants
Posted on August 26, 2015 1:49 pm
Airon R
Zalora Philippines 1.0

Sent to Zalora.

Your rider delivered my items to my old address yesterday. I placed this order a couple of days ago and as soon as I placed the order and noticed that my address has not been changed, I edited it right away so that your team gets the new one. I even replied to the order confirmation to confirm that your team recognizes that I changed my address and you guys said yes.

I texted your rider to coordinate with Zalora to get my new address simply because I do not feel comfortable giving my address to a stranger- not knowing if he's really from Zalora. It's not a hard task, he just needed to get my new address from whichever department. He said yes but today he called me again to get the new address which doesn't make sense because I already told him yesterday to coordinate with your team to get it... And then lo and behold I got shocked to hear your rider cursing me over and over ranting about how I constantly change my address when this is just the first time I ever changed it. Apparently, he forgot to hang up. I wasn't able to record the beginning because I do not have the intention to record our conversation but I was able to record most of it. Your employee is not a happy employee to be cursing a customer because of a simple matter. Clearly Cris Legazpi hates his job so much that he gets agitated over a customer not giving him a sensitive information he is requesting for.

The call got disconnected and he called me again. I told him that I heard everything but he was proud and did not apologize. The weird thing is he forgot to hang up again and I was able to record our conversation for the second time with him on the background cursing me even more.

Not sure if he did it intentionally because he never said "bye" on those calls he made to me but I have attached the recordings to the email I sent Divine (a supervisor from your customer service department) for your reference.

After all, you guys offered me a 20% freaking discount. What a joke!

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Posted on July 27, 2016 3:36 pm
Jane Ramirez
Zalora Philippines 1.0

ZALORA Philippines misleads their customers with their scam promotion. Lure potential customers so they can earn website traffic. Mislead potential customers by naming their product to a different product. Sending you a product that is totally different from what you ordered and ZALORA hoping that customer will not complain about it at all. Then just simply tell you that the product you want is now out of stock. Offering a refund using their Wallet credit feature even when the customer did not request it at all. Cost their customers time, effort and inconvenience as well as emotional stress and disappointment.

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  • Scam promotion
Posted on November 16, 2017 1:05 am

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