Safety Tips Before you Make your Online Payments

It is inevitable that we will make an online purchase. With so many fantastic items and irresistible offers by online shops, we know that shopping online can be no different or even better from shopping in department stores and malls. Though many of us have already tried shopping online, some of us are still bothered by the security of this activity. Shopping online can save us a lot of effort, time and even money. We just need extra precautions when paying online. You can use the tips below to be safe.

1. Only use the major browsers like chrome and Mozilla and make sure that they are updated.

2. When you send confidential information like credit card number, make sure that the website is secured. You should see that the lock icon or an https in the url. Make sure also that you are in a correct website and not in a fake website used for phishing.

3. Never ever give your passwords to someone else through emails and never click on unknown links in your emails.

4. Never display your personal information like e-mail address, phone numbers, bank account number, or even your home address in forums, guest books or social networks where scammers can easily see your information.

5. Always document every online transaction you make. Keep a copy of your communications whether through emails or SMS.

6. For all credit card transactions you make, frequently check your credit card history if the right amounts were charged in the transaction.

7. Know the online shop you are dealing with. Checkout online reviews and feedback but watch out for those paid reviews as they may not provide you with objective information.

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